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Unlike magnetic knife holders made of stainless steel, Cherry wood magnetic knife strips won't dull or chip your knives, won’t rust, and make an elegant edition to your kitchen. Sleek, modern and seamless space-saving design saves valuable countertop space while adding to the ease of preparing a delicious meal.

Kurouto’s Cherry magnetic knife rack contains a continuous strip of powerful rare earth magnets to securely hold and display your knives and keep your kitchen organized. Use in the kitchen, laundry room, office, bathroom, bedroom or garage to beautifully display and hold any magnetic objects within convenient reach.

A Great alternative to countertop knife blocks. The average countertop knife block gets in the way, collects food, bacteria and germs, and dulls and hides your knives. The Kurouto Kitchenware Cherry Magnetic Knife Bar features a seamless design that is easy to care for and won't trap food particles or get in your way in the kitchen. 

Ultra strong magnets embedded in the wood allow even your largest knives to hang safely and securely. A simple kitchen solution to help free your countertops from clunky blocks that dull your knives. Even large heavy knives won’t slip. Easily remove knives and keep everything you need within reach. 

Kurouto’s Cherry magnetic knife strip is made in the USA of premium American Cherry Hardwood, will never rust, will never lose its hold on your knives, and is built to last! Included are easy to follow mounting instructions, mounting template and hardware for mounting on a multitude of surfaces. Our template and mounting hardware makes hanging your knives and organizing your kitchen easy and painless.

Absolutely RISK FREE purchase! We are confident that you’ll love the quality of your magnetic knife holder. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, simply contact us to return the product for a FULL Refund or Replacement. Your purchase is backed by a 100% FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! See what thousands of happy Kurouto customers are raving about! Get yours today!


Dimensions: 12 inches wide, 2 inches high, .85 inches thick. 12 ounces. 

Material: American Black Walnut

Finish: All natural hand rubbed blend of beeswax and mineral oil. (won't scratch)

Magnetism: Continuous strip of N52 rare earth magnets embedded in the knife block. Place knives or other ferromagnetic objects anywhere along the front of the knife rack. The back of the block is not magnetic. 

Use: Clean and dry your knives before placing them on the block. Extra strong magnets means your knives won't slip off. Grab your knives off with a gentle slight twist motion for easiest use

Mounting: Features two Keyholes cut into the back of the strip for easy mounting to wood, drywall, etc with the included hardware. Can also be mounted with doublestick tape or adhesive, although we recommend using screws

How to Install

Every magnetic knife block includes detailed and easy to follow mounting and care instructions. It also includes mounting hardware for mounting on various surfaces that accept screws. We include two lengths of pan head screws and drywall anchors, along with a template that can be detached and taped to the wall before instillation for easy visualization and marking of fastener locations. If mounting in wood you will need a drill to make small pilot holes for the screws.

Many customers have mounted the knife strip with double stick tape or adhesive, but we recommend using screws if you are able to. 


Your Kurouto magnetic knife block is finished with an all natural hand rubbed finish. We do this as traditional spray on or hard finishes would scratch over time. 

We use the same product that most people use to care for wood countertops, butcher blocks, etc. The finish is a blend of food grade mineral oil and beeswax. If your block loses its shine or dries out over time and shows marks, you can easily rub on more oil/wax and it will easily the color and restore the shine. 

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    How do I install my magnetic knife block?

    Please see the Installation tab in the description above. Your magnetic knife block will come with detailed instructions, mounting hardware for multiple surfaces and an easy to use template. 

    What finish is on the knife block?

    Your Kurouto magnetic knife holder is finished with an all natural blend of food grande mineral oil and beeswax. It richens the look and feel of the natural wood and isn't subject to scratching like a hard permanent finish. If the sheen dulls over time, you can easily apply more oil and wax to restore it. 

    How does it work? Are both sides magnetic?

    Your Kurouto magnetic knife strip contains ultra powerful rare earth magnets embedded in a continuous manner in the block. It is magnetic along the front side only, so it will not magnetically stick to your fridge. You can however mount it to a surface that you don't wish to drill into with strong doublestick tape or adhesive. 

    What is your shipping policy?

    We don't think expensive shipping costs should get in the way of our customers enjoying awesome kitchen products. That's why we offer free shipping standard on all orders placed for delivery in the USA. More details can be found in the shipping policy link in the footer of our site or here

    What is your return policy?

    We're confident you'll love the quality and functionality of our products. We offer a money back satisfaction guarantee, and easy returns if you aren't satisified. More details can be found in the link at the footer of our site or here

    Where is it made?

    Your magnetic knife block is made in the usa in our San Luis Obispo, CA workshop by craftsmen who care and take pride in their work. It is designed and built to last 

    What is the Warranty?

    Your magnetic knife block is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against defects. The magnets are permanent and the wood block won't wear out with normal use.